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Program Policies


Welcome to The Mozart Academy! 
We strive to develop confidence and instrumental proficiency in each student, and to that end we have developed these program policies.

The lesson schedule is set as a daily time block for each school.  The students do not have permanent time slots within that block, but will generally be seen in the same order each day so as not to disrupt their daily routine.  Upon registering, students are sent information regarding which days and times the teacher will be at their school.

Student absence/tardiness.  If your student is tardy, we will try to fit them in at the end of the time block for that day, but cannot guarantee that they will receive their lesson for the day. Sorry, but we do not offer make-up lessons or refunds for absence or tardiness.  TMA enrolls about 40 students each semester, and this policy is meant to keep program costs lower by not consuming additional time with rescheduling lessons.

  Tuition is a one-time payment made at the beginning of each semester (August, Dec/Jan).  This is to keep clerical work to a minimum in order to keep your tuition as low as possible. It is calculated based on an hourly rate which is applied to the number of days school is in session.  There is no charge for days that school is not in session. There is also one teacher personal day calculated into the tuition, for which there is no charge to the student.  All lesson materials are provided by the teacher except for individual students' workbooks, which are about $8 each and are sent home when completed.

Teacher absence.  One teacher personal day is calculated into the tuition, for which there is no charge to the student. Refunds will be issued to all students who miss lessons as a result of teacher absence exceeding that one day.

Withdrawal.  TMA offers prorated tuition refunds to students who withdraw from the preschool.  Sorry, but we do not otherwise offer refunds.

Teacher conference / observation.  The best way to contact your lesson teacher with any questions is through e-mail or phone.  You are also welcome to sit in and watch your student's lesson at any time, whether to conference with the teacher or to observe the student.  As the end of the semester approaches, students love to have their parents see what they have been learning and are usually excited to show off their new skills!

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