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Thank you for your interest in The Mozart Academy! We are a family-owned business which has been providing private music lessons throughout Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida since 2007.

We are
proud to offer the only in-school private piano lesson program in this area. This unique program is designed to specifically target children ages 3-5.  Because of their limited attention span, we offer ten to fifteen minute lessons, for 3 to 5 days weekly.  If you've tried to enroll your preschool aged child with local studio teachers, then you already know that this important educational opportunity is generally unavailable.  Our program provides one-on-one lessons with a professional, experienced, reputable teacher.  All practicing is done on premises, so there is no need for an instrument at home!  By the end of the school year, many students are independently reading music, and have the opportunity to participate in a fun end-of-year recital.  Our goal is to develop confidence and have fun
while developing instrumental proficiency.

Local piano competitions begin at Kindergarten age, with a 1 year minimum study to enter, so why wait? Contact us to enroll, or with any questions, or contact your preschool director to recommend our program!

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